What is this step about?

This step will help you identify what you most enjoy doing and the talents (skills) you have mastered. You will also discover the kind of people you most like working with and the kind of working conditions you prefer.

What is its purpose?

By combining these 3 key elements of your self assessment, you'll discover what job(s) are the best fit for you.

Knowing what you want to do (talents), with whom you want to do it (people) and how you want to do it (working conditions) are the most important requirements for professional fulfillment.

What happens if I fail to do it?

You won't be able to define your professional job targets. You'll have difficulty convincing an interviewer you are a good match for the job you want.

You may find yourself in a job that isn't a good match for you and consequently you may become frustrated and disappointed.

What will be my result?

  • You will identify your 15 preferred skills, in order of priority.
  • You will identify the 8 characteristics of the people with whom you would most like to work.
  • You will identify the 8 working conditions you most prefer.