What is this step about?

This step will help you identify the job(s) that hold the most interest for you and for which you are best suited to thrive.

What is its purpose?

When you have a well-defined job target it becomes easy to identify companies / organizations to approach. You will have all the information needed to convince prospective employers you are the right person for the job.

When you find the job that matches you, it's easy to be productive and happy!

What happens if I fail to do it?

You will not understand what companies/organizations to approach for the job(s) you want.

Your approach to companies/organizations will not be well defined or focused. You will scatter yourself too thinly in most instances.

Your success rate will be low and you may end up taking a job that isn't a good match for you in the long run.

What will be my result?

You will identify 4 job targets (each one combining a function / title in a field / industry). Among those 4 targets, you will identify 3 dream jobs and a "Plan B" job (your fallback position should it take more time than expected to find your ideal job).