Why this test?

If your employer is in a bad shape, or if your job is at risk, you want to know right away. The more advance notice you have, the more options you have to remedy the situation.

We have identified the most relevant signals to measure the health of a company and of a position and designed this test so that you can 'take the pulse' of both your employer and your position.

What is in it for me?

By taking this test you will measure whether your position or your employer is at risk. Within about 15 minutes you will have an idea of the level of risk for both your employer and position:

Very risky

It is imperative that you urgently take (possibly radical) action to improve the situation and/or put yourself in a safer spot.


You should start taking your situation in hand and take some remedial action.


You should consider improving a thing or two; remain vigilant.

Very safe

Carry on and enjoy your job, blossom and thrive with no risks.

How to take this test?

You will be invited to agree or disagree with two series of simple statements on two different topics: your company/organization and your job/position.

Mark each statement as true, mostly true, mostly false, or false according to whether you agree with it or not.

Answer as naturally and spontaneously as possible. Do not spend too much time on each question.