What is this step about?

The hiring interview is the culmination of all the effort and time you have invested in your job hunt. It requires preparation, skill and strategy.

You must know how to deal with each situation — whether the interviewer is:

  • a consultant from a recruiting agency or a head hunter;
  • a Human Resources Manager or Personnel Manager (or the assistant);
  • your future boss (or his / her assistant);
  • the General Manager or a major stockholder of the company / organization

What is its purpose?

By knowing how to successfully interview you can:

  • get a job offer;
  • be offered a specified time contract / project;
  • remain in their files for future consideration;
  • discover other avenues / ideas to pursue in your job hunt;
  • train yourself to use successful interviewing techniques.

What happens if I fail to do it?

If you don't adequately prepare for your interviews, you may destroy the many hours of work you have done by meeting (dozens of) people, gathering information, analyzing data, looking for and answering ads, writing unsolicited letters, calling prospects on the phone, etc. Dropping the ball at this point is foolish!

What will be my result?

  • You will overcome your fears of tough interview questions by practicing (over and over) how to address them.
  • You will learn how to identify the questionable strategies of some interviewers and what you can do to lessen their impact.
  • You will be in a position to use each interview as a stepping stone to the next interview and know that you can convince an employer you are the right person for the job.

You will get job offers!