The Career Design and Job Hunting process involves three different areas: What, Where and How.


Your professional and personal self assessment. In particular, this involves inventorying and prioritizing your:

  • skills (talents / transferable skills)
  • fields of interests (specific knowledge skills)
  • and personality traits (self management skills).


The job(s) you want and the companies/organizations that might offer such jobs. Each target job must be defined by 2 key components:

  • Title/Function: encompasses the different skills, duties and responsibilities of the job (What you do)
  • Field/Industry/Sector: the name for a broad area in business (Where you do it)


Job hunting techniques that must be put into practice in order to find a job. This includes:

  • techniques to get an interview
  • interviewing techniques and strategies needed in order to secure a firm job offer

The WWH test covers these 3 areas of career design and job hunting. It will help you to:

  • recognize the three key areas of career design and job hunting (What, Where, How) and the basic meanings and mechanisms of each
  • measure your knowledge of each one of these areas
  • identify any potential weak areas that may need additional effort on your part in terms of training and techniques.