What is this step about?

This step will help you understand that networking is easy and straightforward. Its purpose is to gather information from people around you in order to help you define and refine your job targets. There is little risk of failure or rejection this way.

What is its purpose?

By networking correctly, you will:

  • validate your identified job targets;
  • develop and polish your approach to convince potential employers;
  • gather the kind of information that will improve your ability to secure job interviews and increase your chances to be offered the job you want.

What happens if I fail to do it?

Without networking, you cannot validate your job targets. Without this validation you will not know whether the job is right for you. You may end up accepting a job that (in theory) looks good, but (in reality) doesn't meet your needs.

Networking can help you reduce the stress and time it takes to gather information. Your job search will actually take less time when you have the information you need to make the right decisions about how you should proceed.

What will be my result?

  • You will collect first-hand information about the reality of the jobs that interest you most.
  • You will identify the names and addresses of companies / organizations to approach.
  • You will learn how to gather information about the interviewers you plan to meet.
  • You may identify emerging trends and/or new advancements in fields / industries you target which will help you in the interviewing stage.