What is this step about ?

Resumes are the most common and universally accepted tool used in job hunting. Not surprisingly therefore, job hunters devote most of their time and energy to their resume.

Unfortunately, resumes aren't very effective tools for job seekers. Quite the opposite in fact: recruiters use resumes to screen people out of, not include them in, the shortlist of candidates to interview.

So spending your time working on a resume is frustrating, difficult and risky!

What is its purpose?

Knowing that resumes are used mostly to screen candidates out, you can increase your chances for success by tailoring your resume to the individual job you seek. Your resume must be the result of the work you have done in the self assessment, job targeting and networking steps. Without this preparation, your resume will not be effective.

What happens if I fail to do it?

  • You may not be asked for an interview, if a resume is a requirement of the application, and you do not supply one.
  • You may be screened out the of the process before you've had a chance to interview if your resume is too detailed and/or not customized for the job.
  • You may fumble during the interview if your resume reveals time gaps or inconsistencies in your background that the interviewer delves into deeply.

What will be my result?

You will prepare a customized resume for your dream job. Your customized resume will contain only relevant and convincing information for the job you seek, thereby reducing the odds of your being eliminated too quickly.